My love of literature and the arts has led me deep into the world of books. My fascination is not only with their content but also for their presentation and material quality.


I have always considered myself a creative, and have always written, with literature being my first love. But as a person who is creative at his core, I have never felt the need to limit or restrict my creative expression. Books have always played an essential role in my life, and from my earliest memory, I have always wished to create books, both of literature and of art. With my experience in design, I love to create artists' books that explore my interest in the visual arts. With each book, whether it is literature (a novel) or visual art, I see that book as an art project.


My novels can be contextualized as art, both as literature and conceptually as artwork. I place a plaque at the beginning of each novel that states “Directions in literature. Each book is an art project,” and that also has a number indicating which position in the collection of my novels it falls. The idea from the beginning was to write literature but to write literature that was also conceptual art. Each book has its own unique approach to telling its story. More about the unique conceptual nature of each novel can be found in their respective synopsis statements. I also create a soundtrack for each novel, thereby positioning the book in a location that is less “novel” and more conceptual art. Each work is an experiment. Each work is experimental literature. Each work is conceptual art.



All Copyright Michael P. Toussaint 2017