New Form Books produces high quality and beautifully designed books in the fields of literature, art, and poetry. Each publication is an individually and uniquely designed artists’ book. Created by Michael Paul Toussaint, New Form Books gives voice to his literary and artistic ideas.



New Form Books prints under three sub-headings.


Directions In Literature prints Michael’s literary explorations and experimentations.


Art Series prints books on the many conceptual art projects Michael has undertaken.


annex(ed)ition(s) prints books by authors in which Michael has taken an interest.



New Form Books gets its name from the famous, and infamous, Letter of The Visionary by the poet Arthur Rimbaud: “The inventions of the unknown demand new forms.” View the sections ART and WRITING for more information.


Scope of Work: Self Initiated / Book Production & Design

All Copyright Michael P. Toussaint 2017