In July of 2010, I was taking photographs with the intention of expanding a series on which I was working, and which later would be collected into book form as The Surface Of The World. The present collection, 31 Details From A Photograph, derives from an image that was initially taken from that month, but unused for that series.


Many of the images included in The Surface Of The World focus on reflections as seen in urban skyscrapers. One of the intriguing elements regarding these photos is how much they appear when looked upon, like oil paintings rather than photographs. Each photograph is essentially comprised of multiple, smaller paintings. Those images and this collection could then be seen as small-format abstract studies.


This series presents many questions regarding our experience of reality, how that experience is understood through perception, and an attempt to comprehend that reality with the help of the creative process. These images function as a kind of photographic reconstruction of reality that is equally a representational documentation of an intangible (the reflected surface) and the materiality of the tangible (the steel and glass of the building).


These images embody the contradictory. If you remove the notion that to create a painting one must use paints, then these images are paintings. Each image is an abstract painting; each image is a found object; each image is an unadulterated documentation of an object; each image is a representation of a dreamscape; each image is a constructed object; each image is a representational depiction; each image is an autonomous painting.


The following are a few images from the series.

All Copyright Michael P. Toussaint 2017